Monday, December 12, 2011

Hallo & Welcome

So this is my first post & thought I'd start with a current project, then maybe play catch-up a little later if I have the time or I think old stuff is worth posting.

Here's the idea: What I do is, anything. ...or, rather, whatever I want. I like to build things.  Sometimes they're functional things, maybe art, or jewellery, drawings, paintings, etc, etc. I generally try not to limit myself to one thing or another, or any particular style for that matter. But, it won't take long for my "style" to become apparent.

My name is Ali Morbi & I'm an Industrial Designer of sorts. I also make amateurish attempts at photography, illustration, graphic design & art (but really... I have a lot to learn). Right now, I live & work in Toronto, Canada.

I hope you enjoy my stuff!

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